Project Description

Project Name: Zarina Garden City (1 Basement + G + 12 Storied Building)

Location: Dakkhin Khan, Moshair Chalabon Uttara, Dhaka.

Land Area: 24 Kathas

Number of Tower: 01

Number of Flat: 67 Apartments

Flat Size

Flat Sizes : Type-A: 1453 sft., Type-B: 1470 sft., Type-C: 1484 sft.

                  Type-D: 1351 sft., Type-E: 1351 sft., Type-F: 1430 sft.

Parking: 59 Nos.

Lift: 03 Nos.

Handover Date: December 2026.

Standard Features

Engineering Features

  • Reputed professional consultant will prepare architectural planning and structural design.
  • Structural design parameters based on American Concrete Institute (ACI) and American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) codes.
  • Heavy reinforced cement concrete foundation.
  • Systematic structural combination of steel reinforced concrete frames & shear wall core.
  • Floor slabs all reinforced cement concrete.
  • Sub-soil investigation and soil composition comprehensively by latest testing equipment and laboratory techniques.
  • Comprehensive section by section checking and testing of all steel reinforcement by professional designers and supervising engineers.
  • Direct supervision at every stage of construction by a team of experienced and qualified professional to ensure highest quality of workmanship.


  • Experienced engineers will supervise directly at every stage of construction to ensure highest quality wor-kmanship.
  • Full supervision and quality assured by the experts who have many years of practical experience on supervision and quality control of a numerous residential and commercial building projects.

Apartment Features


  • Wooden Door for main entrance door with foreign door lock and handle.
  • Check viewer and safety chain.
  • Good quality calling bell switch beside the main door.
  • Internal door frames will be made from wood.
  • Veneer wood shutter door for internal door.
  • Best quality PVC door frame and shutter for toilet.


  • ThaiAluminium sliding windows with mosquito net provision at external window.
  • Rainwater barrier in external window.
  • Standard safety grill in all windows with matching enamel paint.


  • All internal & exfernal walls will be 5″ brickwaJis with 1st class bneks as per architectural drawing.
  • Wall surface will be finished with smooth plaster and plastic paint.

Room Finishes:

  • RAK or equivalent Homogenous floor tiles (16″x16″) in all rooms.
  • Plastic paint In all internal walls and distemper paint on ceilings (Jotun/Berger/Aqua/Dulux/Equivalent).

Standerd Amenities


  • Veranda railing will be as per design.
  • Rain water barrier Inall verandas.
  • RAK/Equivalent floor1iles (16″x16″).

Painting & Polishing:

  • Plastic paint on internal walls (Jolun/Berger/Aqua/Dulux/Equivalent).
  • All grill, railing and metallic surfaces will be painted with enamel paint.
  • Good quality weather coat at exposed surface of building (Jotun/Berger/Aqua/Dulux/Equivalent).


  • RAK/STAR/DBUSheltech Eqv. ceramic tiles (10″x13″) up to false slab in all bath and (8″x12″) size tiles up to 5′ height in servant bath.
  • RAK/STAR Eqv. commode and basin in all bathrooms (excluding servant toilet).
  • Long pan with plastic lowdown In servant toilet of RAK/STAR/equivalent.
  • Standard quality soap cases, towel rail, paper holder, glass shelf will be the best quality local made at all bathrooms (excluding servant toilet).
  • Ceramic floor tiles in all bathrooms (12″x12″) of RAK/STAR Equivalent tiles with matching wall tiles.
  • Provision for hot and cold water in master bathroom and 2nd bathroom.
  • Soap case, towel rail in servant toilet.
  • Large size(18″><24″) mirror in allbathrooms except servant bathroom.
  • Grating in all bathrooms & kitchen.
  • Cockroach grating in master bathroom.


  • Best quality wires (BRB/POLY/PARTEX/Eqiv.).
  • Imported switches and sockets.
  • Separate electric distribution box for each apartment.
  • All power outlets with earth connection.
  • Concealed intercom line.
  • Satellite TV cable in the living room.
  • AC provision for master bed, 2nd bed and living room.
  • 3 emergency light and fan points to serve at the time of power failure.

Kitchen Features:

  • Concrete platform for sink and gas burner.
  • One high polished stainless steel sink with mixture (Turkey/Malaysia/Thailand/Eqiv.)
  • Concealed hot and cold water line.
  • Exhaust fan located at any suitable place.
  • Homogeneous RAK/Eqiv. floor tiles ( 6″‘x16’).
  • Glazed wall tiles upto 7′ height (RAK/Eqiv.)

Building Entrance:

  • Secured decorative MS gate with proper lighting system as per design.
  • Comfortable internal driveway.

Reception Lobby:

  • Reception desk with intercom system to connect each apartment.
  • Tiled floor in reception area.
  • Security guards and driver’s waiting room and toilet.

Lift Lobbies and Staircases:

  • Three-passenger lifts.
  • Tiled floor in lift lobby.


  • One residential standby generator will be provided.
  • Generator will serve lift, water pump, stairs, community room and all emergency points.


  • Enough parking spaces on the basement and ground floors. The parking spaces will be reserved through marking the respective apartment numbers.

Substation and Water Pump:

  • A substation will be provided on the ground floor with the required capacity.
  • Substation equipment will be best quality (local standard).
  • 1 water lifting pump (Pedrollo/Sear/eqiv.) with auto change over switch (one standby).

Utility Connection:

  • LPG Gas pipeline connection in each apartment.
  • Each apartment will have independent electric meter.

Roof Top:

  • Water proofing for protection.
  • Garden, cloth drying area.

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