Muzaffar Garden City

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Simco Holdings Limited, a member of Simco Group, presents MUZAFFAR GARDEN CITY almost at the heart of Sector 10 at Road 1, House-7 Ranabhola Uttara, Dhaka The project will be built on 30ft wide road 42 Kathas of land 50% of which has been left open for plenty of light, fresh air and open space for children’s playground

These exceptional collections of apartments of different types and sizes of state of art designs are suitable for various income groups. Each apartment is unique in FOUR independent.

Towers: A-Sweety, B-Maryam, C-Nimmi and D-Mihrimah.

Based on the concept “TIME TO COME OUT OF CONCRETE JUNGLE” will give the residents of this beautiful creation, open space oral sides with plenty of light and fresh air. The open ground will provide safety and security for the children of the complex residents as it is a secure and sound gated community.

The Architectural plan features Three bed rooms with ensuite bathrooms, living room spacious Kitchen & Dinning spaces, servarit den & bathroom, veranda and much more. Apartments are designed to have plenty of light and air all day long for healthy living.

Strictly following the BNBC Code and American Concrete Institute (AC) code. The structure will be capable of withstanding any natural forces like cyclona, high wind and earthquake Professional engineering team will be on site every day to ensure quality construction and elegant finishing.

Located in the heart of Uttara Mega City the project is extremely conveniently located. Surrounded by all necessary amenities, Shopping Malls, Schools and Colleges, Universites, Modem Hospitais renowned Restaurants, Clubs and other recreational facilities.

MUZAFFAR GARDEN CITY is created based on our “Built today – Designed for Tomorrow” concept a gated-community with all the safety and security in mind for modern living for the healthy upbringing of your family and Heavenly Living in Security, comfort and Luxury.


Typical Floor Plan

Tower-A : SWEETY

Type-A: 1186 sft.

Type-B: 1221 sft.

Type-C: 1287 sft.

Tower-B : MARYAM

Type-A: 1293 stt.

Type-B: 1366 sft.

Type-C: 1379 sit.

Tower-C : NIMMI

Type-A: 1227 sft.

Type-B: 1239 sit.

Type-C: 1306 sft.


Type-A: 1410 sft.

Type-B: 1398 sf.

Type-C: 1349 sit.

Standard Features

  • A Reputable professional consultant will prepare architectural planning and structural design. 
  • Structural design parameters based on American Concrete Institute (ACE) and American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) codes. 
  • Heavy reinforced cement concrete foundation.
  • Systematic structural combination of steel-reinforced concrete frames & shear wall core.
  • Floor slabs are all reinforced cement concrete.
  • Sub-soil investigation and soil composition comprehensively by latest testing equipment and laboratory techniques.
  • Comprehensive section by section checking and testing of all steel reinforcement by professional designers and supervising engineers. 
  • Direct supervision at every stage of construction by a team of experienced and qualified professionals to ensure highest quality of workmanship.
  • Experienced engineers will supervise directly at every stage of construction to ensure highest quality workmanship. 
  • Full supervision and quality assured by the experts who have many years of practical experience on supervision and quality control of numerous residential and commercial building projects.


  • Metal Door for main entrance door with foreign door lock and handle. 
  • Check viewer and safety chain.
  • Good quality calling bell switch beside the main door and apartment number plate.
  • Internal door frames will be made from wood.
  • Veneer wood door shutter including mortise lock & lower bolt with French polish for internal door shutter.
  • Best quality PVC door frame and shutter for toilet.


  • Aluminum sliding windows with mosquito net provision at external windows. 
  • Rain water bamier in the external window.
  • Standard safety grill in all windows with matching enamel paint.


  • All internal & external walls will be 5″ brick walls with 1st class bricks as per architectural drawing.
  • Wall surface will be finished with smooth plaster and plastic paint.

Room Finishes:

  • RAK or equivalent Homogenous floor tiles (1616) in all rooms.
  • Plastic paint in all internal walls and distemper paint on ceilings (Berger/Asian/Aqua/Equivalent).

Standard Amenities


  • Veranda railing will be as per design.
  • Rain water barrier in all verandas.
  • RAK/Equivalent floor tiles (1616).

Painting & Polishing:

  • Plastic paint in internal walls (Berger/Asian/Aqua). 
  • French polish in door frames and shutters.
  • All grill, railing and metallic surfaces will be painted with enamel paint.
  • Good quality weather coat at exposed surface of building (Berger/Asian/Aqua).


  • RAK/Eqv. ceramic tiles (10″x13″) up to false slab in all bath and (8×12″) size less than 5” height in servant bath.
  • RAK/Eqv, commode and basin in all bathrooms (excluding servant toilet). 
  • Long pan with plastic lowdown in servant toilet of RAK/equivalent. 
  • Standard quality soap cases, towel rail, paper holder, glass shelf will be the best quality locally made at all bathrooms (excluding servant toilet). 
  • Ceramic floor tiles in all bathrooms (12″x12″) of RAK/Equivalent tiles with matching wall tiles.
  • Provision for hot and cold water in the master bath and child bath. 
  • Soap case, towel rail in servant toilet.
  • Large size (24″x24″) mirror with overhead lamps at the master bath and (18″x247) mirror with overhead lamps at other bathrooms except the servant bathroom.
  • Grating in all bathrooms & kitchen,
  • Cockroach grating in the master bathroom.


  • Best quality wires (BRB/Paradise/Eqiv).
  • Imported switches and sockets.
  • Separate electric distribution box for each apartment. 
  • All power outlets with earth connection. 
  • Telephone sockets in master bed, child bed and living room.
  • Concealed intercom line. 
  • Satellite TV cable in the living, family living room and master bedroom.
  • AC provision for master bed, child bed and living room. 
  • 4 emergency lights and fan points to serve at the time of power failure.

Kitchen Features:

  • Concrete platform for sink and gas burner.
  • One high polished stainless steel sink with mixture (Turkey/Malaysia/Thailand Eqlv.) Concealed hot and cold water line.
  • Exhaust fan located at any suitable place.
  • Homogeneous RAK/Eqiv. floor tiles (16×16″). 
  • Glazed wall tiles upto 7 height (RAK/Eqiv.)

Building Entrance:

  • Secured decorative MS gate with proper lighting system as per design.
  • Comfortable internal driveway.
  • Separate mailbox and guard post.

Reception Lobby:

  • Reception desk with intercom system to connect each apartment.
  • Tiled floor in reception area. 
  • Security guards and driver’s waiting room and toilet.

Lift Lobbies and Staircases:

  • One 8 passenger lift.
  • Tiled floor in reception area.


  • One residential standby generator will be provided.
  • Generator will serve lift, water pump, stairs, community room and all emergency points


  • Enough parking spaces on the basement and ground floors. The parking spaces will be reserved through marking the respective apartment numbers.
  • Spacious and comfortable internal driveway. 
  • Drivers waiting room with toilet.

Substation and Water Pump:

  • A substation will be provided on the ground floor with the required capacity.
  • Substation equipment will be the best quality (local standard).
  • 2 water lifting pump (Pedrollo/Sear/egiv.) with auto changeover switch (one standby).

Utility Connection:

  • Gas pipeline connection in each apartment.
  • Each apartment will have an independent electric meter.

Roof Top:

  • Waterproofing for protection. 
  • Garden, cloth drying area.


Address : 20, (13th Floor), Suvastu Warda Tower, Sector-04
Azampur, Uttara, -1230

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